The Steuarts of Steuarthall

Walter Steuart

The Steuart Family Archive relates to one family, a Steuart line in Scotland, associated with the Stewart and the Royal Stuart lines. The branch begins with Walter Steuart, fourth son of Sir Archibald Stewart of Blackhall, First Baronet, and the eleventh descendant from John Stewart, a natural son of King Robert III.

Walter (d.1721) was Solicitor General of Scotland by a charter of King George I. He changed the spelling of the family name from Stewart to Steuart. Through marriage he had gained an estate called Old Wester Polmaise Mansion near Stirling and changed the name to Steuarthall. North of Edinburgh, the estate was located near the River Forth, on the banks of the Bannockburn. Steuarthall, the family seat, was occupied by descendents until it was sold, and later torn down in the 1950s.

... over the years very few individuals other than family members have seen or read these documents and letters. They have not been loaned for display, examination or research purposes.

~ Charles G. Bartman
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